Ready to train?

To enjoy your training to the Sports Centre to the fullest, just follow these simple tips. Our team members are here to ensure your training is fun and fulfilling. Feel free to ask them any questions you may have!

Pool activities

  • Swimsuits must be worn, but bathing caps are optional.
  • Remember to bring a towel and sandals.
  • Bring a lock to keep your belongings safe in one of our lockers.
  • Inflatable objects are not allowed in the pools.
  • Only floatation devices approved by Transport Canada are allowed in the pools. Swim bubbles, inflatable armbands and floatation swimsuits are forbidden.
  • Although lifeguards are always on site to keep swimmers safe, we strongly advise that parents keep an eye on their children.
  • During open swims, please leave swimming corridors free for adults who wish to swim laps (see the Swimmer’s Code of Ethics).
  • Note that certain sections of the pools may be off limits due to certain activities or special groups.

Gym activities

  • All members must wear sports clothes and shoes.
  • Bring your towel.
  • Bring a lock to keep your belongings safe in one of our lockers.
  • Sports bags, coats, boots, and so on must be left in your locker.
  • Wipe down equipment after each use.
  • Leave equipment free for others to use while you rest, and use only one piece of equipment at a time.
  • After each use, be sure to remove all bars and put weights back in their proper place.
  • Do not drop hand weights on the floor.
  • Avoid excessive noise and respect members and personnel at all times.