Yesterday, English-Irish group One Direction sent the pop world into a frenzy when it announced the dates for its upcoming world tour.


On Wednesday morning, the five musicians revealed that Montréal would be one of the cities on the North American leg of its tour in the fall of 2015. And where else would One Direction perform but at the Olympic Stadium in front of more than 55,000 fans!

According to Kevin Donnelly, Director, Events and Business Development at the Olympic Park, the Stadium is the ideal location for this event, “No other venue in Québec can accommodate such a big crowd indoors. The Olympic Stadium is the only place in the province that can hold this mega concert and promise a full house.”

This major music event will also introduce the Stadium to a younger crowd. “Many people from Montréal and the rest of Québec have vivid memories of sports or cultural events that have been held at the Stadium since 1976. Be it the Olympic Games, Expos matches, or concerts featuring such legendary bands such as Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Genesis and The Jackson 5, so many people have a Stadium experience to share. The One Direction concert will give a new generation the opportunity to make the venue their own and to say, many years from now: I was there!" concluded Mr. Donnelly.

One Direction will take over the Stadium for a full six days, for setup, the event itself and takedown. This is out of an average of 122 occupancy days every year, despite the operational constraints in winter caused by the current condition of the roof.