Montréal’s Olympic Park will implement their new entry process at the Olympic Stadium, by moving the search points outside for the two Blue Jays game on Friday, march 31st, and Saturday, April 1st, 2017, as well as for all upcoming spectator events.

People arriving via the Pie-IX metro station will need to make their way outside and across the Esplanade to enter the Stadium. Members of the public will be directed by a team of logistics personnel deployed all over the Olympic Park site to help guide them toward the entry points.

This new approach is consistent with the entry process used by large stadiums across North America as well as with the policies adopted by professional sports leagues, whereby all access controls are located outside the stadium. This will help reduce the waiting time and allow the crowd to move quickly, thanks to the 128 search lanes spread over five control points on the Esplanade and in front of Jackie‑Robinson Place at 4545 Avenue Pierre‑De Coubertin. Three ticket booths will also be open—two on the Esplanade and one at 4545 Avenue Pierre‑De Coubertin.

How to enter the Stadium for the March 31st and April 1st game

For transit users: Two metro stations serve the Olympic Stadium (Pie-IX and Viau). As soon as you arrive at the Pie-IX metro station, you will be directed outside, where greeters will guide you to the Esplanade, which is accessible to pedestrians by means of three entry points: via Boulevard Pie‑IX, and via ramps facing Desjardins, Létourneux and Bennett streets. Four search points will be set up on the Esplanade and an additional one at 4545 Avenue Pierre‑De Coubertin.

For motorists: All the parking lots at the Olympic Park will be operational. Motorists are invited to use the P1 and P2 parking lots on Avenue Pierre‑De Coubertin, the P3 parking lot on Boulevard Pie‑IX and the P4 parking lot on Sherbrooke Street. Searches will be conducted prior to entering the Rotunda.

Please note that the Olympic Park does not offer any consignment service and entry into the stadium is final. Re-entry is not possible once the ticketholder has been admitted, as per the security protocols of North America’s large stadiums.

Also of note, the Olympic Park boasts expertise unparalleled anywhere in the country in controlling large crowds, having welcomed more than 70 million visitors to the Stadium since 1976.