Reservation and rental

To rent a room

The Stadium has several areas that can host events including salons, exhibitions, shows, rock concerts, receptions and banquets, film shoots or meetings:

  • Close to main roads
  • Access by two Metro stations
  • 4,000 interior parking spaces
  • More than 100 feet high without columns in the main hall
  • 100,000 square foot loading zone for trailers
  • Exceptional loading and unloading capacity, including within the main hall
  • Storage Areas

Main Hall

  • Ideal for large sporting, commercial and cultural events
  • More than 204,000 square feet
  • Permanent and temporary stands able to accommodate more than 67,000 people

Other rooms
Several otherroomsor large spaces in the Stadiumare also available in various sizes andcanaccommodate small groupsup toa crowdof 10,000people.Whetherfor a wedding,a press conference, a productlaunchor exhibition,we have the spaceyou need!

Facts & figures of the Olympic Stadium (pdf)

To reserve a private Box

In total intimacy, our 30 private boxes offer an opportunity to mix business with pleasure in a relaxed environment. Offer your distinguished guests a spectacular view on an event or show!

Characteristics of the private boxes:

  • Holds 12 to 20 people
  • Lounge, row seating and washrooms
  • Closed-circuit TV for game replays
  • Reserved parking spots for private boxes
  • 6 places per 12 person Box
  • 10 places per 20 person Box
  • Catered service and hostess
  • Identification of your box in your company colors

Carry out a film shoot

The Olympic Park offers several spectacular locations that can be adapted to any type of shoot at a very reasonable price:

  • Stadium: Principal or East Hall
  • Sport Center: pools with or without beaches
  • Montreal Tower: observatory, funicular, cocktail lounge, Montreal Salon, tourist hall and mezzanine
  • External surfaces
  • Parking Lots
  • Vast corridors

Many film shoots, videos and publicity shots have used the Olympic Park these past few years. Here are some examples:

Tournage Type Year Starring
Red 2 American film 2012 John Malkovich
Helen Mirren
Warm Bodies American film 2011 John Malkovich
Funkytown Quebec film 2009 Patrick Huard
Casino ll Quebec Television show 2007 Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge Raymond Bouchard
Danielle Proulx
Le 7e Round Quebec Television show 2006
Nitro Quebec film 2006 Lucie Laurier
Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge
Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D American film 2006 Brendan Fraser
Blades of Glory American film 2006 Will Ferrell
Les Invincibles Quebec Television show 2005
Bon Cop, Bad Cop Quebec film 2005 Patrick Huard Colm Feore
Nez rouge Quebec film 2003 Patrick Huard Michèle Barbara Pelletier Pierre Lebeau
The Sum of all Fears American film 2001 Ben Affleck Morgan Freeman
Aime ton père French Film 2001 Gérard Depardieu Guillaume Depardieu

Information and reservation

To obtain more information, call 514 252-4737 or the 1-877-997-0919 (toll free) or email us at
You can also make a request by fax at 514 252-4440.