The Big 'O'

The Big 'O', (or Sifflet to others) is the concrete tunnel built for the 1976 Summer Olympic Games originally used for the passage of athletes. It has become, over time, one of the most prestigious structures in the world for skateboarding aficionados.

The Big 'O' is, in fact, listed as one of ten best places in the world that skaters should see before they die by Thrasher magazine, the skateboarding bible. It holds a mythical aura in their culture and is a major tourist attraction.

In the wake of the Saputo Stadium expansion, the Big ‘O’ was moved to a place better suited for its new life, closer to the Pierre-Charbonneau Center, about 30 meters from its original location.

As of August 18, 2013, the Big O is reopened to the public and can be used freely at any time.

3200 Viau Street, in between Sherbrooke and Pierre-De Coubertin avenue.