Salon Montréal and Cocktail LoungeThe top of the Olympic Park Tower has three floors. The first is home to the Observatory, the second the Cocktail lounge, and the third the Salon Montréal. Each of these floors offers an amazing view of Montreal and its surroundings.

On a clear day, you can see almost 80 kilometres away. These magnificent settings can be rented for any of your events.

The Salon Montréal is the ideal setting for a banquet, a business reception, a training session, a meeting, a press conference or a product launch. It offers an impressive and refined setting that your guests will never forget.

The Cocktail lounge is often used to for corporate events held over two floors, or to complement the Salon Montréal as the ideal location to enjoy a drink before an event.

The capacity of each of these rooms is 200 guests for a cocktail reception, product launch or press conference, and 150 guests for a banquet or meal.

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Cocktail Lounge layout

Cocktail Lounge layout


  • Coffee tables
  • Rattan armchairs

Total surface area of the spaces:

  • Cocktail lounge: 289 m2 (3,108 ft2)
  • Salon Montréal: 237 m2 (2,550 ft2)

Salon Montréal layout

Salon Montréal layout


  • 2 bars; in opposite corners with 2 refrigerators each

Kitchen equipment:

  • Hobart dishwasher
  • Ventilation hood (30” x 30”)
  • Stainless steel counter
  • Sink
  • Pre-wash station
  • Angled table for trays
  • Alto Shaam heating and holding cabinet
  • 2 Pavailler convection ranges
  • 2-door refrigerator
  • Coffee machine
  • Ice machine

Furnishings and amenities:

  • Dance floor
  • 63-inch round tables
  • Rectangular tables and chairs
  • Sound system, CD/DVD/MP3 player, radio