General Questions

Can I rent a lock or towel?

Although we don’t offer rental service, we have many sports and promotional items available for sale in our boutique, including locks, towels, bathing suits, mugs, shirts, and more.

What kinds of membership packages are available at the Sports Centre?

There are three types of membership available:

  • Physical fitness Plus: Weight room, free swim and all available classes (e.g. aerobics, aquafitness, aquajogging, spinning, yoga, Zumba, etc.);
  • Physical fitness: Weight room and all available classes;
  • Aqua: free swim + other classes.

If I choose the Physical fitness membership, does it come with a fitness assessment?

Yes! When you subscibe to Physical fitness or Physical fitness Plus for 12 months, you’ll be invited to book an appointment with one of our trainers (kinesiologist or physical education instructor). They will meet with you for an hour to assess your level of physical fitness and determine your needs and goals. At your next meeting, one of our trainers will explain your training program in detail in order to help you reach your goals.

Is there a sauna in your locker rooms?

Yes, there is a sauna in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms.

Do you offer discounts for students or seniors?

Yes, we have different types of discounts available. Take a look at our pricing guide for various options.

Can we host a kids’ party at the Sports Centre?

Absolutely! One of our hosts will be on hand to help you once you arrive, as well as to supervise games and pool time with guests. You can also make use of one of our beautiful rooms to celebrate the big day. To reserve, call 514-252-4619.

Is there somewhere to eat at the Sports Centre?

There is! Our café has healthy meals and snacks available for purchase, or simply bring your lunch along and eat at one of the tables.

Is WiFi available at the Sports Center?

Yes. Just select the “StadePublic” network and ask the password at the reception.

It’s free!

When does my membership officially start once I’ve registered?

Your membership begins the day you register at the Sport Centre’s welcome desk.

Questions About Fitness Training

Can I select courses à la carte (e.g. aquafit/yoga/aerobics)?

Unfortunately not. All courses are offered as part of our “Physical Fitness” or “Physical Fitness Plus” package for members. See schedules here.

Are there TVs in the gym?

No. They are no TVs in the training room. However, there are Internet-enabled touchscreens on select equipment so you can surf the web while you work out!

Questions About the Aquatic Area

When can I register for swimming lessons?

Our courses are offered three times a year, in fall, winter and spring. You can find more information about registration dates here.

How big is the competition pool?

The competition pool is 2m deep by 50m long by 25m wide. There are 6 X 25m lanes available at all times.

How many pools are there at the Sports Centre?

You’ll find seven pools here: the competition pool, training pool, diving pool, synchronized-swimming pool, wading pool, relaxation pool, and diving pool (currently under repair).

Is a swimming cap obligatory during open swims?

No. See full rules and regulations here.

Can I reserve one or more swimming lanes for me or my association, club or company?

Yes, you can reserve swimming lanes by calling 514-252-4619.

Can a pool be reserved for a special activity?

Absolutely! You can reserve any pool during regular hours. Just call 514-252-4619.

Do you offer lifeguard courses?

Yes. We offer training programs in water intervention and lifeguard certification. See here for more information.