Sports Centre

Are locker rooms open?

Note that the locker rooms are currently accessible for clients practicing swimming. Swimmers will have access to the locker rooms at the end of their time slot only, without access to showers, and will have 15 minutes to leave the premises.

Why is there a 30- or 60-minute waiting period between each training and swimming session?

These waiting periods are put in place in order to disinfect any equipment used or touched by members in all sports facilities. The 60-minute delay enables us to perform a deep clean in the locker areas.

What measures have been put into place to provide protection against COVID-19?

We invite you to read the information concerning all safety measures prepared by our management team here (in French).

When do I need to wear a mask at the Sports Centre?

Face coverings are required for anyone over 10 years old at all times, except when exercising in the gym or swimming. Note that it is not permitted to wear a face covering in the pool.

For children between 2 and 9, face masks are not obligatory but strongly recommended.


Can I still sign up for membership at the Sports Centre?

Our service offering is very different now compared to what was offered before we shut down. That’s why we decided to cancel all memberships that were active as of March 14, 2020. For an indefinite period, we are no longer allowing membership, and all gym and pool access will be pay as you go. Clients will be able to reserve their spot online.

Memberships will resume in future, based on how the situation evolves.

What happened to the membership I had when the Sports Centre shut down on March 14, 2020?

All memberships at that time were cancelled and members will be reimbursed for any unused days. Members will receive a cheque for the difference by September 22. For more information or to provide us with a change of address, please write to: information.piscines@rio.gouv.qc.ca.


Is the gym open?

The gym will be closed from October 8, 2020.


Why is the Sports Centre only allowing one person per lane for open swims, while other pools allow more than one swimmer at a time?

Sports Centre management opted to limit each lane to one swimmer in order not to impede the type of training swimmers want to perform. With more than one person per lane, swimmers must keep 2 metres apart and swim at the same pace. This type of training works well in swim clubs, but is much more difficult to maintain during open swims, since individuals have different training programs, swimming styles, and paces.

In Quebec, 6 to 8 swimmers are currently allowed to share a lane, permitted that all swimmers stop when one stops in order to keep the required 2-metre distance. However, the virus can still be passed on in the pool, such as when people speak face to face or breathe less than 2 metres away from one another. Since we are well aware of how differently people train and their individual swim paces, and wish to respect the 2-metre rule, we opted to only allow one swimmer per lane.

I heard that chlorine neutralizes COVID-19. Why do we still have to stay 2 metres apart in the pool?

There is currently no proof that COVID-19 can be transmitted in the pool, since it is sensitive to disinfectants like chlorine. However, any object or body must be in chlorinated water for a number of minutes before the virus can be neutralized. Moreover, there is always a risk of transmission in the pool, since saliva particles containing the virus can be transmitted to others when speaking face to face or breathing less than 2 metres apart.

When will Master Swim, Wibit Sundays, and swimming/diving/lifesaving classes resume?

During Phase 1 of our reopening plan, only open and recreational swimming will be held in the pool. Other activities will resume progressively, but the exact date is still unknown. We are continuously evaluating the situation in order to determine the best time to resume these activities.

Can I select which lane I want to use when I reserve online for an open swim?

When you reserve online, you have the option to select the recreational zone or a swim lane in the shallow or deep end of the pool. Lanes will then be assigned based on order of reservation. We cannot guarantee your specific lane in the pool.

When you arrive, lanes will be distributed at the side of the pool by our personnel. We will try to accommodate any preferences at that time.

Can I swim in the same lane as someone else in my household?

For open lane swims, only one person per 25-metre lane is permitted. In future reopening Phases, we will re-evaluate our ability to allow more than one person per lane if they reside at the same address. For now, if two people in the same household wish to swim together, they must reserve their own lanes during the same open swim period. Once onsite, you can ask personnel if you can swim side by side, although this cannot be guaranteed. The earlier you arrive, the better your chances of getting lanes side by side.

Are training sessions still offered in the 50-metre pool?

There is no training permitted in the 50-metre pool at the moment. Once distancing measures are relaxed, we will take a closer look at how we can provide training times in the 50-mere pool.

Will lane swims be offered in the competition pool or training pool?

Open lane swimming will take place in one pool or the other, based on other activities being offered at the same time. The specific pool used for lane swims will be indicated when you reserve online.

Can I borrow any equipment?

Only individual life vests will be available to borrow. All swimmers must bring their own equipment, including boards, flippers, etc.

Will I have access to pre-inscription once classes resume?

All students who were signed up for classes in fall 2019 and winter 2020 will have access to pre-inscription.

General questions

Can I rent a lock or towel?

We do not provide rental services. When the Sports Centre reopens, our boutique will remain closed for renovation work. You will have to bring your own towel (obligatory in the gym) and lock.

Is there a sauna in the locker rooms?

Both the women’s and men’s locker rooms have a sauna. However, they will not be available for use when the Sports Centre reopens and for an indeterminate time.

Do you offer discounts for students and seniors?

Yes, we offer both these discounts. Please refer to our Rates and Schedule page for a full list of available discounts.

Can I host a child’s birthday party at the Sports Centre?

For the time being, birthday parties cannot be held at the Sports Centre.

Is WiFi available at the Sports Centre?

Yes, and it’s free! Simply select the network called “WiFi” and ask the person at the welcome counter for the password.

For any question, you can contact us at information.piscines@rio.gouv.qc.ca.