Are changing rooms available?

Dry changing rooms are available for men, women, and families.

  • Regular locker access (every third locker
  • Rental lockers available
  • Shower access – We recommend taking a shower at home, if possible
  • Sink access
  • A few hair dryers are available
  • Daily changing room and locker cleaning via fogging
  • Remember to bring your lock!

Saunas remain closed for the time being. Thank you for respecting all physical distancing and sanitary measures currently in effect in our changing areas. 

Do I need to reserve a time slot?

The Sports Centre will resume its activities on February 14. You will not need to reserve a time slot to access the gym and pools.

What measures are in effect to protect users from COVID-19?

We invite you to take a look at the information videos that our management team have prepared for you.

When do I need to wear my mask?

Masks must be worn by everyone 10 or over, at all times, except when swimming. It is forbidden to wear a mask in the water. Masks can also be removed when engaging in a muscular or cardiovascular activity in the gym.

We also strongly recommend that children 2 to 9 wear a mask.

Can I still sign up for Sports Centre membership?

The Sports Centre will accept new memberships after Februrary 14, 2022.

See all available memberships here.

What happens to the membership I had when the Sports Centre closed on March 14, 2020?

All memberships at that time were cancelled, and unused days reimbursed. Reimbursements were sent by cheque in 2020. If you haven’t received your reimbursement, we invite you to communicate with us : information.piscines@parcolympique.ca


Is the gym opened?

The reopening of the gym is on February 14, 2022.

Can I train with supersets at the gym?

Supersets are once again allowed at the gym. However, you must wear a mask or other face covering when moving between exercises. Physical distancing of at least 2 metres must also be respected.

Will professional services be available in the gym?

Members can meet with a personal trainer for the following services:

  • Physical fitness assessment
  • Creating your first training program
  • Creating a new training program
  • Private training

If you don’t have an account on Hexfit, please send an email to information.entrainement@parcolympique.ca so a member of our staff can open one for you. You will be able to schedule a meeting with a persontal trainer through Hexfit.
Find more information here.

When will fitness classes resume?

Group classes will resume on February 14, 2022. The schedule will be updated soon.
A full list of classes and information about inscription dates can be found here.

What am I allowed to bring to the gym?

Changing room access is allowed, and all equipment that was removed from the gym during the pandemic has been put back. This means chairs are no longer available in the gym to leave your personal effects, and you are no longer allowed to bring your own training equipment with you. We ask that you bring only your towel and water bottle.


Can we swim at the Sports Centre?

Open swim and recreational baths will resume for members and non-members on February 14, 2022.
Six (6) swimmers are permitted per 25-metre lane. Eight (8) swimmers are permitted per 50-metre lane.
You can once again select your swim lane when you arrive, as was offered before the pandemic.

Lane swimming may take place in either pool, depending on what other activities are happening at that time.

How many people are allowed per swim lane?

Because of the sanitary measures, six (6) swimmers are currently permitted per 25-metre lane. Eight (8) swimmers are permitted per 50-metre lane.

It is vital that swimmers respect the following guidelines:

  • Swim on the right side of the lane at all times, and always turn counter clockwise. Side swimming is prohibited.
  • Wait until you are in a straight line to pass another swimmer, and always pass on the left.
  • Always stop at the end of the lane, on the left side, which is the same side you’d use to begin swimming.
  • If a swimmer is already stopped on the left side of the end of the lane, you can stop no closer than 1 metre from them. Or you can touch the wall to the right of the stopped swimmer and quickly swim back by pushing off the wall.

I heard that chlorine neutralized COVID-19, so why do I have to keep a 1-metre distance between other swimmers in the pool?

There’s no evidence that COVID-19 is transmissible by water in pools, due to the coronavirus’s sensitivity to disinfectants like chlorine. However, a body/object must be submerged in chlorine for several minutes to neutralize the virus. There are also risks associated with transmission even in the water, since saliva particles which may contain the virus can be transmitted to someone else when speaking or breathing less than 1 metre from them.

When will Masters Swimming, Wibit Sundays, and swim/diving/lifeguard lessons resume?

At this time, we offer free swims to our members only. Swimming, diving and lifesaving lessons (Winter 2022) are currently postponed to a later date, when the authorities will allow these activites again. Masters Swimming inscriptions are now done on Neptune Natation. Other activities, like Wibit Sundays, will return progressively. Precise dates are not known at this time.date de reprise pour le moment.

Can we select what swim lane we’d like to use?

You can once again select your swim lane when you arrive, as was offered before the pandemic.

Six (6) swimmers are permitted per 25-metre lane. Eight (8) swimmers are permitted per 50-metre lane. Swimmers must always leave a space of one (1) metre between each another.

Are there still training periods available for the 50-metre pool?

Starting February 14, 2022, we will offer 50-metre lanes again.

Does lane swimming take place in the competition or training pool?

Lane swimming may take place in either pool, depending on what other activities are happening at that time.

Can I borrow equipment?

Only individual life vests are available for swimmers. You must bring your own equipment with you (board, short fins, etc.).

Some toys may also be available during recreational swims.

When will swimming, diving, and lifeguard classes start again?

Swimming, diving and lifesaving lessons (Winter 2022) will be held from February 14, 2022, to April 24, 2022. An email regarding the new dates of the session has been sent to the registered clients. If you have any question, please contact us by email at : information.piscines@parcolympique.ca 

Online inscription for classes are done via the Amilia platform. Clients who were enrolled in swimming, diving, or lifeguard classes during the previous session will have access to a pre-inscription period.

Following these inscription periods, you can sign up for any spots left in classes by visiting the Sports Centre welcome desk.

Space is limited due to current sanitary guidelines.


Can I rent a lock, towel, or locker?

We do not offer rental service for locks or towels, as our boutique is closed until winter 2022 for renovation work. However, you are free to bring your own towel (obligatory for the gym) and lock. Lockers with a combination lock can be found in the changing rooms, and rental lockers are available.

Is there a sauna in the changing rooms?

Although both the men’s and women’s changing rooms feature a sauna, these are currently not available for use.

Are discounts available for students and seniors?

Yes, different types of discounts are available. You can see our full list of discounts in the Packages and Rates section.

Can I host a child’s party at the Sports Centre?

We cannot offer space for kids’ parties at this time.

Is there wi-fi available at the Sports Centre?

Yes, simply select the “MTLWifi” network. It’s free!