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Regardless of the type of event you are planning, the Olympic Park offers a variety of practical services and conveniently equipped rooms of all sizes. Our expert technicians and administrative staff are uniquely qualified to help you through each step of your planning.

Available Venues

The Montréal Tower

With more than 800 indoor parking spaces and the proximity to the Viau Metro station, The Tower facilities can accommodate you, in the planning of a small, medium, or large event – conferences, business meetings, or corporate parties – we can meet all of your event needs.

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The Olympic Stadium

Sporting events, trade shows, fairs, concerts, exhibitions, movie or TV shoots, social events: the Olympic Park is the only location in Quebec able to accommodate large-scale indoor events.

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The Esplanade

With easy access from the Pie-IX Metro station, the Esplanade of the Olympic Park provides a unique setting for staging a variety outdoor events. Located at the foot of The Stadium, it offers a breathtaking view of The Stadium itself and the Montréal Tower.

Par activité

Wedding receptions

We are proud to offer exceptional wedding venues that will help make this special day unique and memorable.

Available venues:

Trade shows / Conventions

Our facilities are perfectly suited for staging successful trade shows, conventions, or banquets.

Available venues:

Sporting events

The Olympic Park has hosted a number of unforgettable sporting events. Add your event to this list of amazing activities!

Available venues:

Motorsport events

Thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies know the Olympic Park well: and with good reason.

Available venues:

Concerts / Galas

Our facilities are perfectly suited for your events of all sizes.

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TV and movie shoots

The Olympic Park offers a wide range of settings for television and film productions.

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Fundraising activities

The Stadium and the Tower are the perfect settings for welcoming your guests in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Available venues:

Training sessions

The Olympic Park has many rooms that can accommodate small or large groups.

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