Baseball layout

With over 18,990 square metres(204,400 ft2), The Stadium maintains both permanent and temporary seating that can accommodate up to 60,000 people.
A multifunctional facility, it can be configured in a variety of ways.

The Ideal Layout

With its retractable seating, the Baseball configuration allows spectators to surround the stage or game.

The elliptical design of the seating – known to be the most effective in a stadium setting – ensures perfect sight lines from any seat.

Baseball layout with stage

The ideal layout for holding:

  • Concerts
  • Private or public events / gatherings


  • Over 60,000

Simple Baseball layout

The ideal layout for holding:

  • Trade shows, fairs and exhibitions
  • Major events / private or public gatherings


  • Trade shows, fairs and exhibitions: varies according to layout
  • Events using grandstand seating: over 55,000
  • Events using ground floor only: over 5,000

Retractable layout

A layout for professional sports:

  • Baseball


  • Over 55,000