Salon 300 and private boxes

Are you looking for a location to hold a press conference, training session, or reception?  Impress your guests by inviting them to the Salon 300!

Catering and hosting services are available.

Our 34 private boxes create an intimate setting that provide guests the chance to mix business with pleasure in a relaxed atmosphere.

And your guests can also enjoy a breathtaking view of the event or show.

Salon 300 layout

The ideal layout for holding:

  • Press conferences
  • Private, corporate, or public gatherings
  • Cocktails, receptions


  • Bar
  • Space for buffet
  • Greeting/hosting services
  • Nearby restrooms


  • 350

Private boxes layout


  • Capacity: 12 to 20 guests
  • Lounge, bleacher seating, and restrooms
  • Closed-circuit TV for replays
  • Catering service and greeting/hosting personnel
  • Customize private box with your company’s corporate colours