External Lighting

Every evening at sunset, the international symbol of Montreal – the Montréal Park Tower – will be lit up to proudly display its entire structure.

Year-long lighting is used to mark the start of festival season, national holidays, major events, and other significant happenings using a dedicated colour theme for the Tower.

Generally lit with the blue and white colours of Quebec, the Tower’s LED lighting uses a variety of colours and sequences and extremely precise light beams.

Through this project, the Olympic Park continues its revitalization and strives to recapture the hearts of Montrealers and Quebecers, regaining its former glory as the international symbol and most universally recognized icon of Montreal.

To submit a specialized lighting theme request to the Montréal Tower

The new Montréal Tower lighting offers non-profit organizations the opportunity for additional visibility through a unique medium, bringing awareness to their cause, organization or event.

To apply for a specialized lighting theme, please consult the following documents for details on how to submit an application to the Montréal Tower.

All requests must be submitted using the correct form to the Olympic Park at least 60 days before the requested date for the specialized lighting theme.

The completed form will be reviewed, and a written response will normally be sent within 30 days of receipt. We invite you to complete the form and return it by email to illumination@rio.gouv.qc.ca.