Fact sheets

Information that’s handy, educational and comprehensive!

The Olympic Park

Three mandates

A general overview of the Olympic Park.
PDF (648 KB)

The Olympic Stadium

The biggest gathering place in Québec

Find a wealth of information about the Olympic Stadium.
PDF (1.1 MB)

Fact and fiction

Four myths debunked…
PDF (2.4 MB)

Masterpiece of architecture and engineering

To learn more about the Stadium’s construction, architecture and engineering.
PDF (2.98 MB)

The art of organizing an event at the Stadium

To learn more about the organization of an event at the Stadium.
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The only venue in Québec able to host large-scale events

More than 66 million visitors to the Stadium. When and for what events?
PDF (2.5 MB)

The Montréal Tower Observatory

A breathtaking view

Discover the many features of the Montréal Tower and its Observatory.
PDF (1.87 MB)

The 1976 Olympic Games

Moments of glory, passion and pride

Relive the Montréal Olympic Games in a different light…
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