Online registration

Each Friday at 12 p.m., the predetermined time slots for the following week (Monday to Sunday) will be available for reservation.

Booking schedule


Week Start of booking
February 26-28 February 22
March 1-7 February 26
March 8-14 March 5
March 15-21 March 12
March 22-28 March 19
March 29 to April 4 March 26

Online registration Procedure

  1. Create an account on the Amilia platform.
    If you’ve already used Amilia in another sports centre, you can register using the same account.
  2. Enter the information pertaining to the account holder (the person responsible for receiving bills and communications from Amilia). This person MUST be an adult.
  3. Add any family members you wish to sign up to the account. You can add as many members as needed by simply clicking “Add a person.”
  4. To register for a class, click “Start a registration” or “New registration.”
  5. Select the class you’d like to register for from the list. Click on the name of the class, then “Register.” Simply click on the + next to the name of the person who will be taking the class.
  6. The class will now be added to your shopping cart. You have 30 minutes to complete the transaction and make your payment.
  7. Click “See basket” followed by “Order.”
  8. Verify all personal information, then click “Pay my order” to complete your purchase.