Premiers Vendredis – Destination Méditerranée

Les Premiers Vendredis is THE cultural and gourmet event for the months of June, July and August. Recognized as the largest recurring street food event in Canada, it also showcases the cultural diversity of communities by highlighting the traditions of a particular region of the world each month through culinary and artistic line-up.

This year, we’ll be celebrating Southeast Asia on June 7-8-9 and the Mediterranean on July 5-6-7 at the Olympic Park esplanade. The artistic program will be spread over two stages – the Cultural Stage and the Main Stage – and will invite visitors to dance and discover new cultures and musical talents. Each day of the weekend will feature a different program: festive on Friday, cultural on Saturday and open to everyone on Sunday.

As for the culinary program, it’s sure to be packed, with a total of 80 different restaurateurs on hand for the entire 2024 season!
Join us for a full weekend of celebrations and fun!

For more information, visit the event Website.

Photo credit : Sorensen Deng