Administrative structure

The Olympic Park team includes some 150 permanent employees as well as 800 event employees who work when events are held.

Minister Responsible

Caroline Proulx
Minister of Tourism

Senior Management

Michel Labrecque
Président-directeur général

Joëlle Brodeur
Vice-présidente Infrastructures et gestion de projets

Alain Larochelle
Vice-président, Exploitation et développement commercial

Denis Privé
Secrétaire général et vice-président, Affaires juridiques et corporatives


Employees at the Olympic Park hold a wide range of positions. The permanent staff includes administrative assistants, attorneys, project managers, engineers, accountants, various technicians and clerks, and a number of tradespeople, including electricians, mechanics, plumbers and carpenters.

The events staff includes funicular operators, guides (for guided tours), souvenir shop salespeople, cashiers, and reception-area and parking attendants.