Mission and vision


The Olympic Park’s mission is

  • to develop, manage, promote and operate the Olympic Park, in particular to allow sports, cultural and community events, exhibitions, as well as tourist and recreational activities to be held there, in complementarity with its partners and the surrounding community; and
  • to highlight the Olympic heritage and legacy.


  • PARTICIPATE: Encourage neighbourhood residents, Montrealers, Quebecers, and visitors to make these valuable installations their own, as well as participate in activities at the Olympic Park—a site of discovery, entertainment, sports, and business, located in the heart of the Olympic neighbourhood.
  • WELCOME: Work in partnership with and host memorable events, across all installations, 365 days a year.
  • IMPLEMENT: Ensure the Olympic Park’s full potential is met, all while respecting the value of its heritage.
  • CELEBRATE: Recognize the value of the Park—a Montréal icon soon to mark its 50th anniversary—which continues to be the pride of employees and users every day.