Mission and vision


To cultivate the full potential of the Olympic Park and to complement its partners and the surrounding community by ensuring the protection and development of its unique architectural heritage.


To make the Olympic Park a world reference in terms of modern urban park, a unique crossroads where creation, discovery, entertainment and physical-activity are united.

Values of the organization

These values guide the actions and influence the choices of the organization when following its mission and vision:

  • Excellence, which allows us to reach beyond ourselves to tackle our strategic objectives;
  • Respect, which makes it possible to benefit from the mobilization of everyone and to protect the integrity of the organization;
  • Professionalism, which makes it possible to contribute to the strategic objectives thanks to the competence of everyone involved;
  • Innovation, which makes it possible to create added-value through the constant evolution in the ways of doing and thinking;
  • Collaboration, which makes it possible to play a part in the revival of the Olympic Park.