Safety rules

1. General provisions

1.1. These Rules and Regulations apply across all territory and installations that Société de Développement et de mise en valeur du Parc olympique, hereafter called “Society,” owns and which are located within a quadrangle bordered by Viau and Sherbrooke streets, Pie-IX boulevard, and Pierre-De Coubertin avenue, also known as the “Olympic Park” ;

1.2. These Rules and regulations apply to any person who accesses the Olympic Park, including, and without limit, to users, partners, promoters, and renters, and all penalties of law;

1.3. These Rules & Regulations are subject to change without notice due to events held at the Olympic Park

1.4. The Society ensures normal security on site and all people who access the installations agree to be under video surveillance;

1.5. The Society and its promoters, when appropriate, reserves the right to perform a pat-down search and/or use a metal detector on any person who enters one of its installations or in the Esplanade;

1.6. Every person is required to conform to these Rules and Regulations as well as any instructions given by the Society, its security service and/or public authorities, under penalty of expulsion of refusal of admittance;

1.7. Every person who considers themselves to have been wronged by these Rules & Regulations must provide a written and substantiated notice to the Society’s General Secretariat;

1.8. Anyone who is intoxicated or under the effects of drugs may be refused access or expelled from the Olympic Park;

1.9. Anyone taking part in a paid activity must pay the admission price or be subject to expulsion;

1.10. Every person must be dressed appropriately, and wearing shoes or sandals is mandatory;

1.11. Every person is obliged to behave with civility, respect and proper conduct. No behavior that is disruptive or risky or disturbs activities at the Olympic Park will be tolerated;

1.12. Every person must respect the neighborhood surrounding the Olympic Park when it comes to appropriate noise levels;

1.13. Every person must respect the signage, notices, barriers, and security perimeters at the Olympic Park;

1.14. The use of garbage cans and recycling bins is mandatory;

1.15. The use of public toilets is mandator;

1.16. Pets are allowed only outside the Society installations and outside the perimeter of activities or events, unless otherwise indicated. Every person is obliged to keep their pet on a leash and pick up their waste. Guide dogs are permitted inside the Society installations if they are properly identified in order to alleviate a handicap, except for areas where food is being prepared, such as kitchens and restaurant booths, the whole by adapting these Rules & Regulations as necessary;

1.17. Riding a bike, a scooter, a skateboard or in-line skates is permitted only in the outdoor spaces provided for this purpose. Users must respect all signage and act with care and diligence at all times;

1.18. Bicycles must be stored in spaces provided for this purpose or risk being removed by the Society ;

1.19. Only authorized vehicles are allowed in the Olympic Park’s outdoor public areas;

1.20. Any lost items or items picked up by the Society personnel may be stored for a period of sixty (60) days, after which they will be disposed of at RIO’s discretion, with no liability;

1.21. It is forbidden to be in the exterior public space of the Olympic Park between 1 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. unless otherwise indicated;

1.22. It is forbidden to have in one’s possession, use or sell drugs or any other narcotic other than cannabis, under the immediate threat of expulsion;

1.23. It is forbidden to loiter or use abusive, threatening or indecent language;

1.24. It is forbidden to act in an indecent or obscene way, protest, or hold meetings that threaten public order;

1.25. It is forbidden to engage in altercations;

1.26. It is forbidden to obstruct or hinder the free circulation of people at the Olympic Park;

1.27. It is forbidden to stand on ramps, slide down handrails or escalators, lie down on a public bench, climb walls or fences, or obstruct a passageway;

1.28. It is forbidden to use the Society’s furnishings for anything other than their intended use;

1.29. It is forbidden to soil, damage, paint, engrave on, or attach posters or stickers to the Society ’s goods and furnishings;

1.30. It is forbidden to engrave on, hide or obstruct security equipment and emergency exits as well as move a panel, sign, easel, enclosing, security gate, or any other similar object at the Olympic Park;

1.31. It is forbidden to have in one’s possession or use any firearm or blunt object, including explosives, firecrackers, fireworks, gas, smoke bombs, or other dangerous material;

1.32. It is forbidden to stage an emergency, place a fake distress call or trigger a false alarm;

1.33. It is forbidden to panhandle, solicit, fundraise, conduct a survey, or sell or distribute products, political flyers, brochures, merchandise, or advertising without authorization from the Society ;

1.34. It is forbidden to resell tickets at the Olympic Park;

1.35. It is forbidden to film, record or photograph for publicity or commercial purposes without written permission from the Society ;

1.36. It is forbidden to use any remote-control guided aerial vehicle such as a drone at the Olympic Park without written permission from the Society ;

1.37. It is forbidden to use any smoke-producing device at the Olympic Park without written permission from the Society;

1.38. It is forbidden to use a laser pointer, air horn, whistle, or any device or object whose volume, noise emission or light beam disturbs the peace, unless otherwise noted;

1.39. It is forbidden to have in one’s possession a banner, sign, flag, stick, or similar object that can obstruct the view of the general public, unless otherwise noted;

1.40. It is forbidden to smoke or to use e-cigarettes within a distance of nine (9) meters from the Olympic stadium, the Montreal Tower, the Sports Centre and the parking areas giving access to the different sites in accordance with the Act to bolster tobacco (Chapter L-6.2). Offenders may face a fine of between $250 and $750 for a first offence and $500 to $1 500 for subsequent offences, plus administration fees. Moreover, it is forbidden to make use of cannabis within the above mentioned distance or any other place covered by a prohibition under the Cannabis Regulation Act (chapter C-5.3) Any person visiting the Montreal Tower wanting to smoke or use e-cigarettes is required to use the external zones reserved to that effect and to go through the searching process before taking up the funicular ;

1.41. It is forbidden to feed birds or other animals;

1.42. It is forbidden to bring any glass containers on site;

1.43. It is forbidden to bring alcohol on site, unless otherwise noted. The sale, service and consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed only via concession stands or promoters authorized by the Society ;

1.44. It is forbidden to consume any food brought from outside in the restaurant area run by concession stands authorized by the Society ;

1.45. Notwithstanding the preceding, it is forbidden to bring any food, beverage or alcoholic drink into the Olympic Stadium;

1.46. It is forbidden to light a fire or use a stove or BBQ on site without the Society’s prior approval;

1.47. It is forbidden to set up a tent or other similar temporary structure;

1.48. It is forbidden to hold any activity of an advertising or commercial nature that solicits the public’s participation without written permission from the Society; and

1.49. It is forbidden to transport bags exceeding 25”x 15”x 20” (63 x 38 x 51cm) in the funicular or at the Montreal Tower.

2. Parking at the Olympic Stadium

2.1. Every person must pay the parking fee;

2.2. Every person must respect the right of way for pedestrians, signage and speed limit;

2.3. Every person must lock the doors of their vehicle and hide valuable items from view;

2.4. Any vehicle that infringes on the provisions of the Olympic Park stated herein may be towed at the owner’s expense;

2.5. It is forbidden to leave a vehicle in the parking lot without paying;

2.6. It is forbidden to take up more than one parking spot, or leave a vehicle in a reserved or prohibited space, a handicap spot or drop-off area without permission from the Society; and

2.7. It is forbidden to bring flammable products into Olympic Park parking lots.

3. Olympic Park Sports Centre

3.1. Users must register at the reception area;

3.2. Members must have their membership card on them at all times in the gym as well as in the workout section of the bleachers;

3.3. Anyone who does not follow the provisions of the Olympic Park Sports Centre stated herein or does not follow the instructions or directives of staff and lifeguards may be expelled without a refund;

3.4. Activities may be cancelled, suspended or have their time changed at RIO’s discretion, notably in the event of a competition, event or team training, without indemnity or compensation of any kind whatsoever;

3.5. Lockers must be used to change and store bags, coats, boots, and personal items;

3.6. Every person is fully responsible for their goods and personal items; and

3.7. It is forbidden to hamper or impede the work of staff and lifeguards.

3.7.1. Gym, omnisports room and workout section of the bleachers Sportswear is obligatory (sport shoes, shorts/sports pants, shirt). It is forbidden to wear jeans and open-toes shoes; It is recommended to use a towel; Reservations are required to use cardiovascular equipment and it is mandatory to respect the thirty (30)-minute limit per piece of equipment; When using the workout section of the bleachers, it is mandatory to respect any spectators present; All equipment must be returned to their proper place after use; and All equipment must be wiped down after use.

3.7.2 Olympic Park Sports Centre pools Bathing suits are mandatory. Swimming accessories are forbidden without authorization from lifeguard staf; Clothing that’s loose, made from absorbent tissue or not fitted to the body is forbidden, including cotton shirts, jeans, Bermuda shorts, dresses, scarves, and capes. Undergarments are also forbidden; All swimwear (swimsuits, bathing caps and goggles) must be decent and adapted to the sports discipline being practiced, and may not feature any symbol that goes against public order or democratic values; It is permitted to adapt swimwear for anyone who, for personal reasons, cannot leave a part of their body uncovered. Dance tights, gymnastics shorts, a form-fitting undershirt, a form-fitting head and neck cap that leaves the face and ears free, a form-fitting shirt or pants, or diving wear is considered acceptable swimwear. Any other clothing worn for swimming must be authorized by lifeguard staff; Even when lifeguards are present, children seven (7) and under must be accompanied and monitored at all times by a responsible person sixteen (16) or over. The permitted ratio is one (1) responsible person per three (3) children. The responsible person must wear a swimsuit; Any person who uses a floatation device must wear a lifejacket or personal floatation device (PFD) that has a tag indicating the device is approved by Transport Canada, the Canadian Coast Guard or Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Dorsal balls, inflatable arm bands and floatation suits are forbidden; Babies must wear a clean, waterproof diaper at all times; It is recommended to take a shower before swimming; It is recommended that children go to the bathroom before swimming; It is forbidden to run in the locker room or around the pool; It is forbidden to jostle swimmers in or around the pools; It is forbidden to dive into the shallow end; It is forbidden to bring floating objects into the pool; It is forbidden to hyperventilate before entering the water. Snorkeling is forbidden; It is forbidden to swim if one has a contagious disease, diarrhea or open sores; It is forbidden to spit, urinate, blow one’s nose, or soil the pool water in any way; and It is forbidden to wear shoes around the pool area.

4. Rock climbing

4.1. The sites where the rocks are located are not supervised. By accessing, users accept all risks related to rock climbing and take full responsibility for it;

4.2. Rock climbing is prohibited for kids of 10 years or less unless accompanied at all times by an adult;

4.3. It is strongly recommended to users to not climb the rocks when climate conditions are bad; rock climbing is prohibited during rain, snow or freeze period; and

4.4. No competition or demonstration is authorized without the Society’s approval.

5. Vans Skatepark

It is strongly recommended to users to not use the Vans skatepark when climate conditions are bad; usage of the skate park is prohibited during rain, snow or freeze period;

5.2. It is highly recommended to wear a helmet and safety equipment;

5.3. It is prohibited to bring a pet in the Vans skatepark, even when leashed;

5.4. No competition or demonstration is authorized without the Olympic Park’s approval;

5.5. The Vans skatepark is not recommended for kids under 10 years old;

5.6. The Vans skatepark is not supervised; by accessing, users accept all risks related to those sports and take full responsibility for it; and

5.7. Music is tolerated; however, it should be respectful and not too loud.

The Safety rules (no 186) were initially drafted and adopted in French (no 186). In the event of a discrepancy between the French and English Rules & Regulations, the French version shall prevail.