Security guidelines of the Olympic Stadium

Public safety is very important to us and, as such, visitors to the Olympic Park are required to observe certain safety precautions. These measures decrease the wait time at the Stadium turnstiles. The Olympic Park does not offert consignent services to its customers, and prohibited items will be confiscated, and be can disposed at the Olympic Park’s sole discretion.

Bottles and cans

To ensure the safety of all spectators, no bottles, gourds, flasks or cans are permitted in the stands. If thrown, these items may cause injury; this is why all drinks served in the Stadium are in flexible recyclable plastic cups.

Consignment and lost-and-found

Forbidden objects may not be consigned, the Olympic Park has withdrawn its consignment service. Moreover, and in accordance with the Olympic Park regulations, food, single-use water ou juice bottles and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the Olympic Stadium and will be confiscated and destroyed.

Lost-and-found objects located in the Olympic Stadium will be stored at the Olympic Park for a maximum of sixty (60) days, whereafter, they may be disposed at Olympic Park sole discretion.

Banners on poles

As a courtesy to other spectators, the public is also asked to refrain from bringing banners on poles, as they obstruct other people’s view and are a safety hazard.

Metal objects

When necessary, we use metal detectors to screen visitors. Depending on the event being held, organizers are entitled to make additions to the list of prohibited items.

Cigarettes and tobacco products

In accordance with the Tobacco Act, all of the Olympic Park installations are non-smoking areas. Smoking is prohibited in the Stadium, the Tower, the Sports Centre and all Parking areas. A person who smokes in a place where smoking is prohibited is liable to a fine of $250 to $750 and, for a subsequent offence, to a fine of $500 to $1500, plus administrative cost.


The Olympic Park has implemented a recycling program in collaboration with event promoters and food and maintenance service providers.

To encourage sorting at the source, labelled recycling bins for different recyclable materials (plastic/metal, paper/cardboard) are made available on all floors of the Stadium.

Note that the soft plastic cups in which beverages are served are recyclable.

Non-recyclable materials such as leftover food should be placed in the appropriate garbage bins.

We thank the public for contributing to this environmentally conscious initiative.