Safety directives of the Montréal Tower

The Société de développement et de mise en valeur du Parc olympique (hereafter referred to as “Olympic Park”) works to ensure the safety of the general public as well as its installations. Certain security directives must therefore be respected during your visit. We invite you to read Olympic Park’s rules and regulations about security and conduct at the Olympic Park at Règlement officiel du Parc olympique (hereafter referred to as the “Rules”). These Rules apply in full to anyone visiting the Montreal Tower Observatory.

Accessibility and Protection

In order to make access to the Montreal Tower Observatory as quick and simple as possible, please pay attention to signage explaining how personal belongings are subject to being searched. Security personnel will ask that bags be opened in order to check their contents.

Metal detection using electronic devices may be used by security personnel at the entrance to the funicular. These metal detectors control objects forbidden by law and the Rules. A list of examples is available below.

Locate the access for people with reduced mobility and wheelchairs/mobility scooters.

Please give priority to people with reduced mobility or wheelchairs/mobility scooters.

The Montreal Tower is under video surveillance for your protection.

Bags and Personal Luggage

Note than any bags exceeding 25”x 15”x 20” (63 x 38 x 51cm) are not permitted, and that there are no lockers or coat-check facilities at the Montreal Tower Observatory.

Code of conduct

Anyone not respecting of the provisions of the Rules and of the Directives for visiting the Montreal Observatory Tower, or that does not comply with the safety instructions and guidelines given by employees and security personnel may be expelled without reimbursement.

Emergency Procedures

All Montreal Tower employees have completed emergency training, including evacuation procedures. In the event of an evacuation, follow the instructions given over the public-address system, by employees of the Montreal Tower and by security personnel.

Forbidden Objects

Here is a list of restrictions, which is not exclusive, that apply while visiting the Montreal Tower Observatory:

  • Any bag or backpack exceeding 25” x 15” x 20” (63 x 38 x 51cm)
  • Any food, beverage or alcohol
  • Any glass container
  • Any riding of bicycles, skateboards or inline skates or other similar wheeled items
  • Any construction material (without preauthorized permission)
  • Any behaviour or possession of material that is indecent or obscene or can disturb the public’s well-being
  • Any drugs
  • Any type of weapon or blunt object as well as such as explosives, caps, fireworks, gas, a smoke bomb, or any other hazardous material
  • Any cigarettes, e-cigarettes or tobacco products

Such articles will be taken away and stored by Olympic Park’s employees or security personnel for the duration of your visit at the Montreal Tower Observatory, and will be returned to you upon your request at your departure. However, food, water bottles and boxed juices cannot be left in storage. Note than any items that are confiscated by Olympic Park and are not picked up by their owner within a maximum of sixty (60) days following their visit will be disposed of at Olympic Park’s discretion.

Cigarettes and tobacco products

In accordance with the Act to bolster tobacco control as well as with the Rules, the Montreal Tower is a non-smoking area. Therefore, it is forbidden to smoke or use e-cigarettes in the Montreal Tower, as well as in the parking areas giving access onto the Montreal Tower. Offenders may face a fine of between $250 and $750 for a first offence and $500 to $1 500 for subsequent offences, plus administration fees. Visitors who wish to smoke may do so outside the Montreal Tower in dedicated outdoor smoking zones, must extinguish their cigarettes, place butts in the appropriate receptacles and go again through the search process for taking back the funicular.

Pets and guide animals

Duly identified guide animals are allowed inside the Montreal Tower to help alleviate a handicap, except for areas where food is being prepared, such as kitchens and restaurant booths. Animal owners, their companions or partners must take care of and supervise their animal at all times.

Guide animals without proper certification, such as therapy-support animals, emotional-support animals and pets, are not allowed in the Montreal Tower.

Cameras and Video

The Montreal Tower allows visitors to take photos and videos for personal use, so long as this does not disturb other visitors. Any photos or videos taken of the Montreal Tower or at the Montreal Tower cannot be used for advertising or commercial purposes without preauthorized permission from Olympic Park. A request can be made at

Those Safety directives are the translation of the Directives de sécurité pour les visites à l’Observatoire de la Tour de Montréal written in French. In case of discrepancy between the English and the French version, the French version will prevail. Furthermore, in case of discrepancy between the English or French version and the Rules, the Rules will prevail.