General policy for Montréal Tower lighting

Every day at sunset, the Montréal Tower—international symbol of the city—lights up to proudly display the iconic structure.

An annual lighting schedule highlights national holidays, important events, and other significant dates using a range of coloured lights in the Tower.

Although the regular lighting at the Tower is blue and white to reflect Québec’s colours, the DEL lighting system in the Montréal Tower includes a wide range of colours with beams that can light with precision.

The Olympic Park is re-launching a project to capture the hearts of people across the city and province, enabling the Montréal Tower to reaffirm its reputation as a symbol and icon of the city—both in Montréal and around the world.

Request for special thematic lighting

The Montréal Tower is offering a special opportunity for non-profit organizations to showcase causes and special events, or increase visibility for your organization or event, through the use of special thematic lighting. Note that:

  • The Montréal Tower’s special thematic lighting policy is for non-profit organizations only, especially well-known foundations.
  • Any requests based on religion, ideology, or politics, or any request that may damage the reputation of any person (natural or legal), will be refused.
  • Any commercial requests (e.g. product launch, corporate event, etc.) or personal requests (e.g. marriage proposal, birthday, retirement, etc.) will also be refused.
  • Any requests which may harm the Olympic Park’s reputation, including the Olympic Stadium and Montréal Tower, will also be refused.

The request evaluation committee for special lighting will examine the following points in particular:

  • The nature of the cause.
  • The organization/cause/event’s history and background.
  • The way the lighting will be used to highlight the cause/event.
  • Respect for the symbolism and integrity of the Montréal Tower and its link to the cause/event.
  • The feasibility of the request.
  • The participation of any other tower(s), building(s), and/or monument(s).
  • The diversity of causes presented throughout the year.
  • That the organization making the request respects the eligibility requirements outlined in this document as well as any other documentation for special lighting, available on the Olympic Park’s website.

All requests must be made via the form provided for this purpose and sent to the Olympic Park at least 60 days before the date of the special lighting request. The duly completed form will be studied and a written response sent, when possible, within 30 days following reception of the form. We invite you to complete this form and return it by email to or fax to 514-252-4440. Certain conditions apply.