Every year, the Olympic Park welcomes a number of exhibitions and trade shows, with accessibility being one of the site’s key attractions. The Park can be easily accessed by visitors and exhibiters alike thanks to 2 nearby Metro stations and parking for over 4,000 vehicles. The site can also accommodate heavy equipment, and provides easy access for vehicles to ensure a set up and disassembly that’s quick, simple, and cost-efficient, as the use of unloading docks is not required. Interesting to note, the Stadium playing field is 55 metres high and has no weight limitations. The Stadium also offers many spaces and corridors that are ideal for a wide variety of activities: booths, conferences, assembly areas, VIP sections, lounges, technical rooms, and reception halls. The Esplanade is a large outdoor area that’s ideal for a wide range of exhibitions and trade shows, and the site’s various levels allow for different set ups. The area is designed for fluid circulation and enables controlled access for paid activities or events with a restricted number of participants.


Electronic sports events

DreamHack—the largest gathering of electronic sports in Canada—took place at the Olympic Stadium in 2018. It featured professional and amateur competitions, exhibitors, cosplay, and artistic activities. The variety of spaces available at the Stadium was one of the key factors in selecting the site for this event.


Portes ouvertes sur les fermes du Québec

The Union des producteurs agricoles du Québec brings the farm to Montréal in this event for the whole family. Booths with farm products, many exhibitors, and lots of farm animals are always on hand.


Pet shows

From shows that showcase exhibitors to canine competitions—as seen in the photo—a variety of spaces are available which can hold a multitude of activities simultaneously.


Collector car exhibitions

Many collector cars from different eras were brought together on the Stadium playing field during this event designed for car lovers.


Home shows

An ideal opportunity for anyone in construction, renovation, and design. These home shows at the Olympic Stadium enable some 600 exhibitors to meet with the general public, who are especially appreciative of the stunning display homes.


Truck shows

Gathered on the playing field, even the largest trucks look small in comparison to the surroundings. The Stadium’s Marathon door makes for easy access to the site.


Heavy machinery exhibitions

The perfect opportunity for people in the heavy machinery industry to meet with potential buyers to showcase their products. The playing field’s height and unlimited weight limit were two major factors for selecting the site.


Recreational vehicle shows

A large selection of recreational vehicles was assembled on the Stadium’s playing field.


Playing field
Capacity: 10 000 people

Stadium Hall
Area: Up to 7,000 m2

9 sections available


Olympic Stadium

Sporting events, trade shows, fairs, concerts, exhibitions, movie or TV shoots, social events: the Olympic Park is the only location in Quebec able to accommodate large-scale indoor events.

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The Esplanade

With easy access from the Pie-IX Metro station, the Esplanade of the Olympic Park provides a unique setting for staging a variety outdoor events. Located at the foot of The Stadium, it offers a breathtaking view of The Stadium itself and the Montréal Tower.

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